What's New

Moving to Balance will offer a new group this spring to help new mamas find balance! Contact us for more information.

Is your life in transition?
      Are you juggling too much?
            Are you overwhelmed by change?

Relationship changes:
expecting a baby, death or illness of a parent, marriage or divorce…

Work changes:
new job, leaving a job, effects of the economic crisis, maternity leave…

Home changes:
moving house, growing and changing kids, visitors coming…

Do these changes keep you from getting things done?
Do you need strategic support and solutions?

ChelseaHarper5-09Chelsea Harper, MA, BC-DMT, NCC is the founder of Moving to Balance, a transition coaching business located in Portland, Oregon. Come in for one consultation, or choose a package from our menu of services to help you deal with life changes and manage stress.

We provide:

  • an effective 4-step Life Support approach for coping with transition
  • support for both personal and practical aspects of change
  • a variety of tools, techniques and lots of encouragement for coping with change

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